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INNOBATE AntiVirus easily detects the latest  worms, malware, trojans and viruses on your computer system. The on-access realtime monitoring ability of INNOBATE AntiVirus detects malware files as they are created, saved or changed on your computer systems hard disks, removable media and disks.

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INNOBATE AntiVirus makes it easy for you to protect your computer system from common viruses, malware and worms.


 INNOBATE AntiVirus.

You probably don't want to install complicated Anti Virus software that requires you to setup complicated configurations, that may eventually lock you out from the internet. You just need a simple tool to detect for infection, inform you about it, and quarantine the infected file, with the ability to later restore the quarantined file.

Why you need INNOBATE AntiVirus
In the last couple of years the number of virus that infect computer systems has grown at an exponential rate.  This is due to the way we work these days, as often we are required to download files from the internet, download software from the internet and install these downloaded software on our computer system to view files. Often or not, the validity of downloaded software cannot be verified, as software may have be altered to include a trojan, worm or virus.  This is where a virus scanner comes in handy, as the downloaded files and software can be scanned for viruses and malware.

INNOBATE™ AntiVirus now has the ability to send malware infection notifications to iPhone, Windows Mobile 7 and Android mobile devices or a remote computer, all made possible with Malware Growler™. Also includes the ability for email notifications as well.

INNOBATE AntiVirus realtime On-Access resident shield scans any file when it is altered, saved or changed. This also includes scanning files as they are downloaded onto your computer system from the internet, or your network.

INNOBATE AntiVirus now includes INNOBATE iNET Sentinel™ providing real-time resident internet shield which provides protection against silent malicious downloads.  This real-time resident internet shield protects your computer system from exploit kits that target vulnerabilities in Java and Adobe products to download Trojans and malicious content onto your computer system. Minimizes threats posed by Zeus, Eleonore and Black Hole exploit kits.

The install and forget feature of INNOBATE AntiVirus does all the automated downloads of new virus definitions, so you do not have to worry about keeping INNOBATE AntiVirus up to date.


It doesn’t get much easier
Just install INNOBATE AntiVirus to check for infections.

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